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Hooray, I'm finally opening commissions! E X C I T I N G

If you're interested, do read below vvvvvvvvv

I am super comfortable with drawing: 
- Creatures (monsters, dragons, animals, you name it!)
- Pokemon (Pokemon are really easy to draw for me, with the exception of a few which are slightly annoying, so i'm 100% fine with drawing these guys!)
- Chibis (Shouldn't be too hard for me.)

While not the best, I can draw:
Humans (I mostly struggle with human anatomy, so if it's something like a bust shot it won't be too bad. I'm not good at fullbodies though. I also don't draw nice semirealistic humans so I'll keep it anime/cartoony.)
- Objects (depends on the complexity really, but I have experience with doing still life and realism here and there so it shouldn't be too hard!)

I struggle with drawing:
Complicated poses. If you're going to ask for them, I require you to provide a reference.
- Mechanical objects. I CAN try to draw em, provided they're not too complicated, but it'll probably cost more and not look as good as one drawn by an experienced mecha/car/steampunk/etc artist. 
- Perfectly straight weapons (If you haven't noticed already, my swords aren't.... exactly aligned. Or axes. I try my best though.)
- Complex backgrounds. I will almost always straight up refuse backgrounds, because I'm not skilled at them, and I will very likely disappoint. If you really want it, again, I will charge more.

Things I WILL NOT draw:
Sexual things, NSFW or not, no fetishes ever. 
- Clowns. I am personally terrified of them lol
- Gore. I CAN stomach it, but I lack practice with it. You CAN ask me about this, though. Maybe in some cases it wouldn't be too hard to draw, but... eh.

dA Points
- Paypal

About Payment: Pay half upfront, pay the other half once I'm done. I'm paranoid about scammers but you are too, so let's cut half-half ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Work Process: I draw really fast, so I'll show you the commission once I'm almost done with it. For the more complicated commissions, I'll make sure you're happy with the rough sketch before continuing. You can request for changes, but up to two times. Feel free to contact me on Discord for the commission (Request for it and I'll PM you my Discord)

Estimated time: Assuming I'm not busy or sick, I'll only require a few hours, thirty minutes at least. Yes. I draw that fast. However if it's something I struggle with (eg human anatomy) it's likely I'll take forever trying to perfect it.

Commission slots?: None for now, unless the demand is overwhelming, or until I become busy again.

I have the right to refuse any commissions I find uncomfortable to draw.

The dA points alternative will be slightly more expensive because dA tax 'n stuff. Annoying and unfortunate, but please understand.

List of Commissions:


[OC] another creature dump by eLTehh
Pretty much the cheapest option available. I'll sketch something, and flat colours if it's not too complicated. It WILL be pretty messy. You have been warned.
Price: $1 USD / 110 points per sketch. May charge more if it's complex. No more than three characters together in a piece.

Lineart + Shaded colours

Shiny Decid by eLTehh Pyukurainbow by eLTehh cuphead dragon by eLTehh solgaleo doodle by eLTehh sticky by eLTehh pekchoo by eLTehh ekaitz by eLTehh Growlithe by eLTehh
Simple lineart, simple shading. Feel free to state how much luminosity/shading you want added on to your commission. 
Price: $5 - 10 / 520 - 1020 points (depending on complexity) 
Additional $2-4 / 210 - 420 points for every additional character. (I will not accept more than three characters.)

Simple Lineless

fuzzy by eLTehh auphyreon again by eLTehh send noots by eLTehh chomp by eLTehh [Inktober?] 11 - run by eLTehhGeno In A Cappucino by eLTehh Doggo by eLTehh
Simple lineless art. Sketch lines will NOT be cleaned up. If it's not too complicated (e.g. Pokemon), there probably won't even be sketch lines.
Price: $5 - $10 / 520 - 1020 points
Additional $2-4/ 210 - 420 points for every additional character. (I will not accept more than three characters.)

Polished Lineless

sssnek gets chin scratch by eLTehh [inktober?] 6 - radish the lion by eLTehh Golden Grin by eLTehh
More polished lineless art. Usually for the more complex things, and sketch lines will almost look like they're gone. Still not cleaning all of them up, sorry.
Price: $15 - $20 / 1520 - 2020 points
Additional $5-7 / 510 - 720 for every additional character. (I will not accept more than three characters.)

Others (E.g. Sprites, really detailed art pieces)

Ask me about it. Do note that sprites/detailed pieces take really long for me to do so I'll charge a lot.

Requesting for a Commission:

Just put this in a comment/PM. Easy peasy.

Commission Type: (Sketch/Simple Lineart/Simple Lineless/Polished Lineless)
What you want me to draw: (Basically, the subject matter of the piece. Characters or objects. Please provide a reference. If it's written, and you REALLY want me to do it, I'll charge extra for character design, and my character design isn't exactly great. So basically, please provide good references if you want this to work out nicely for the both of us :] )
Other notes: (Any specifics on how you want me to draw it?)
Payment method: (Points/Paypal)

And of course, feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

Commissions Queue:



eLTehh's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
1. i do not do requests. i'll only do them if i like the idea, and that's of my own free will.
3. i do not do kiribans.
4. art trades and collabs are open but only with friends/people i trust. still, feel free to ask!
5. i do not like and will not do sexual NSFW art/fetishes.
parodies i do of my own free will are, however, exceptions, and i will assure you it is safe for the average viewer.
6. i will not accept group requests unless you are a friend or an acquaintance

i am an SAI and MSPaint user and those programs r fabulous

Warning: I do draw large amounts of art for something I'm hyped for occasionally, so you should be expecting that ;y
also known as: fandom hopping

also expect me to draw suitable subjects for a teenager under 18. if you couldn't guess already lol

i enjoy nintendo and JRPGs! anime/books are cool but i rarely make time for those orz
serial number: 847274583

this lion is the guardian of this page. his name is radish


For an amazing group: :iconan-lt-group:

Thanks :iconedenpak: for the jelly bean avatar some time ago. Also, watch her. WATCH HER NOW.
Thanks to :iconsushioveraura: for the cute Ike sprite. Watch him too! He deserves it.

Thanks to :iconbutttastic3000: for dancing Empoleon icon. Watch him for.... memes. Yes. Memes.

list of bullshit i will not draw anytime soon:
-fetishes. any fetish.
stuff i enjoy drawing:
-sigurd fire jokes
-quality memes
-kratos especially MLG ONES

"good artists they think they're bad because they can't draw super photorealistic acid trips"
-LT on good artists, 2016

"i identify as a lyn and eltshan simultaneously, and also ike, because im judgmental as fork, too loyal to people, and do reckless things. *slams head on table, head rolls off*"
- also LT, 2017

[4:29:26 PM] lord and saviour Eltshan: as my favourite tutorial once said, it's "prettying it up with soft airbrushing and blending and doesn't make it any less wrong"

Hector by Eldigan


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